Bike tricks

bike tricks

Ok this is my instructable about your basic bike tricks, so far I'm covering:*Slides* Wheelies*Stoppies or Endos*Bunnyhops*Jumping*Other bits and pieces. Music by Phil Knoll - For licensing/ usage please contact. You know the feeling – you're flying down your local trail behind one of your riding buddies, rail the next turn and then they disappear off into.


Brumotti - Road Bike Freestyle 2

Bike tricks - gerade deshalb

Keep your weight slightly towards the front to lessen the chances of damaging your rear wheel. It helps you clear obstacles and fly higher. As you near it shift your weight back while lifting the front wheel high on to the object as close to the edge as you can. Thank you for registering! If possible, place your unclipped foot on a rock or log so you can sit on the saddle. Or you'll regret the damage you do to the weells.


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